frequently asked Questions

Additional CostsThe additional costs are offset by a monthly lump-sum. There is no additional payment at the end of the year or the end of the contract. Therefore the tenant has the full control over his finances. The additional costs include the costs for heating, electricity, water supply, insurance, garbage costs, cleaning of the halls and stairways, winter services, garden maintenance, the maintenance man and the costs for the internet usage. 
BathroomThe Single Appartements all provide an own bathroom. In the shared flats there are one or two bathrooms. Every bathroom is equipped with a sink, a shower and a toilet.
BBQ – placeBetween building 8 and the church there is a roofed BBQ place. Here the same rules apply as in the common room: Don’t forget to clean! 
Bed/furnishingThe rooms are all furnished and with bed and mattress (90x210). 
Bicycle Storage RoomThe bicycle storage room is located in the underground car park. The tenants can open this room with their room keys and store their bicycle in here.  
BinsThe bins are located between the buildings 10 and 12. Please notice: Paper (blue bin), organic waste (brown bin), glasses (iron box), residual waste (black bin).  
CancellationThe duration of the rental agreements are 6 months regarding to the duration of one semester. The contract can be cancelled with 2 months early notice at end of quarter. A cancellation to the 31st of August has to be communicated to the end of June of the same year. A cancellation to the 28th/29th February has to be communicated till the end of December of the previous year. Exceptional cancellations are only possible with the approval of the landlord. 
Certificate of
Because oft he dormitory aid every tenant hast o hand in a certificate of matriculation at the reseption. 
Common roomThe dormitory provides a big common room for social activities (table tennis, table football, TV). The tenants are responsible for cleaning the room after using it. It is possible to hire the room (request at the reception). 
Dishes/BeddingThere are dishes and bedding available in limited extent for the foreign students at Studentenviertel. Please ask for availability before arrival. 
Energy certificateThe energy certificate can be viewed here. 
Fire brigade
approaching zone
The declared fire brigade approaching zones must be respected. In case of inobservance the vehicle will be towed away immediately. The arising costs have to be paid by the person causing it. 
GEZ (now broad-
casting contribution)
Every tenant has to pay their broadcasting contributions (GEZ) on their own. 
Herb GardenAmateur chefs, attention please: in front of the building 8 there is our herb garden! 
House cleaningStairways and halls are cleaned frequently. The tenants are responsible for cleaning their rooms, the common room and the BBQ place.  
InternetOur student dormitory is connected via fibre cable to the internet. An own LAN-access point with 50 MBit/s is provided in every room and also a router on loan. 
KitchenPlease bring your own pots, dishes, cutlery, glasses and cups. Every apartment provides a kitchenette including a cooker, refrigerator (including ice box), microwave (no oven) and a sink. 
Move-inPlease make an appointment for the hand-over of keys (telephone +49/(0)991/32090421 or Mail Verwaltung(at), so you can move into your room at the beginnig of your contract. The tenant will get a tour through our Studentenviertel and plenty of information before the hand-over of keys. Please plan 30 minutes for the tour. 
Moving-OutWhen moving out the rooms need to be handed over in the same condition while moving in: The room has to be cleaned completely by the tenant and the walls have to be painted in case of stains. When painting the walls you must use the original colors: Caparol weiß (capa-trend) on all the white walls, Caparol color (mais 14) on the yellow ones. Of course you can let the painting work being done by the DSV. Resulting costs (for painting, cleaning, repairing, etc) will be set off against the deposit. In case there is any work to be done by the DSV, the room must be handed over 4 days before expiration of the contract. An early notice is mandatory. Please plan 30 minutes for the final walk-through. 
No-smoking ruleThere is a no-smoking rule in the Deggendorfer Studentenviertel. 
Parking lotsAdditional to the parking lots in the underground car park (can be rented by the tenants) there are free parking (unlabeled) lots in front of the dormitory to be used by the tenants. The dormitory is located in a residential street. 
Personal liability insuranceA personal liability insurance is not required by the law for international students. The third party insurance is an optional insurance but a conclusion of this insurance is recommended: This insurance pays if you afflict damage to others unintentionally, thus, if you damage accidentally the property or the health of foreign persons.
Students can find insurance providers online, e.g. Union Versicherungsdienst Gmbh (insurance service LLC) Tarif VELA Comfort. This insurance service is not a recommendation of the Deggendorfer Studentenviertel.
Radiator controlleroperating instructions 
Registration OfficeEvery tenant hast to register his or her place of residence at the registration office in the city hall (first or second place of residence). At any semester beginning during the Orientation Week every tenant has the opportunity for registration at the university. (Bring ID card and housing confirmation). 
TutorTwo tutors take care of the living together in the Studentenviertel. There are regular social activities taking place. 
TVFor using the TV the tenant needs a DVB-C-Receiver. Every room provides a digital cable signal. 
Vacuum cleanerThe dormitory provides vacuum cleaner for the tenants to clean their rooms. These can be rented for a small singular charge. 
Washing roomThe washing room provides washing machines and dryers. The usage of both machines is described in detail in many languages and can be read in the washing room.