General information

Application process
Please complete the application form in a correct and legible way as incomplete or illegibly filled forms may face risk of not being processed. A rental agreement that is based on wrong information can be terminated without notice. Please send us your application form and give immediate notice if your currents address changes as this is the only way we can inform you if an apartment becomes available.
The allocation of an apartment will be done in written form. In the letter you will find a deadline by which you can inform us if you are going to accept the apartment or not. If we do not receive any answer it will be assumed you have already found an accommodation and your offer will be reallocated to someone else.

Period of residence
Rental agreements are limited to a period of up to four years. 

Final cleaning
Because of hygienic reasons, curtains and mattress covers will be cleaned after move-out of the tenant. To cover for this an amount of EUR 25 will be charged. This amount will be subtracted from the deposit.

Household insurance
The owner is not liable for damages of the resident’s property if they are caused by damages of the building, e.g. a burst water pipe. Therefore we recommend getting your own household insurance unless your parents’ insurance covers for you.

When entering the rental agreement a deposit of EUR 300 has to be paid which will be returned without interest after the end of tenancy. Interest which accrued during your period of residence will be invested for maintenance of the building.

Please bring along
Duvet/pillow, bed linen, dishes/cutlery and your personal belongings.

The apartments are furnished. You must accept those furnishings and you must not store it at any other place.

Television, radio and telephone
Every apartment is supplied with a television connection. You are obliged by law to register your radio and television sets at the German TV licensing office (GEZ). You can obtain the required form at all banks in Germany. Furthermore every apartment is equipped with a telephone connection. You can register your connection at a telecommunications company.

Common rooms
There are large common rooms which offer enough space for study groups, dancing courses, table tennis, etc. There is also a television and music station for common use.

We put big emphasis on cleanliness in our facilities. Our housekeeping staff clean common rooms, sanitary rooms, as well as corridors and staircases regularly. However, it is your responsibility to keep your room clean.